A 24-HOUR PROJECT | Saturday, May 18, 2013
The day kindness comes into focus.

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Shoot For Good kicks off on May 18 and we have some exciting changes to announce.

First, we’ve made it easier than ever to participate in Shoot For Good through our Facebook Group. This will be the central hub for all Shoot For Good pictures for 2013 and beyond. Now, all you have to do to participate in Shoot For Good is:

1.) Take a picture(s) of something good happening in your community.
2.) Share them on the Facebook Group wall.

That’s it. Really. However we hope you’ll also:

3.) Come back to see and comment on all the pictures.
4) Inspire others to shoot for good too.
5.) Do it again tomorrow!

No more uploading to the website or emailing photos. Everything can be done from your phone if you’d like. And Facebook will update members of the group when new pictures are added or comments are made.

To post to the Facebook Group, all you have to do is join the group by clicking the “Join” button on the group page. We’ll approve you for the group and then you can post pictures. And you’re not limited to five pictures this year.

Another exciting change is that we’re opening up Shoot For Good… permanently…to everyone! Too many good things happen every day to do this only once a year in one place. Shoot For Good was born in Hampton Roads, Virginia, but now anyone can participate no matter where you are in the world.

That mean’s that after May 18, 2013, you can continue to shoot, share and inspire others by documenting the good things in your community every day of the year. The Shoot For Good Facebook group will continue to be a forum to share documentary photography and community service for as long as we all shall participate.

So in the meantime. Join the Facebook Group and inspire your friends to join the group. May 18 is only a few days away.

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page (I know, it sounds the same, but is different than the group) to find out all the news and events related to Shoot For Good.